Nexamobile specialized in delivering the best performing ads to the most valuable, relevant and accurate target group of users.


Fraud Protection

With our in house fraud protection tool, we will make sure to provide real quality users with minimum risk.
Detect and protect against the latest mobile threats.


Maximize Performance

Reach your audience on apps, websites, digital screens and out of home billboards.With our qualified team, we acquire high-quality media and prevent fraud.


App Growth

The most complete app growth marketing solution.Scale your mobile acquisition strategy. Attract quality users for your app, driving new installs and active users.

Trusted Partners

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Programmatic Media Buying and Optimization is the new standard for digital media buying strategies.


Scalable Technology

We combine a technology-driven approach with our dedicated client services to kickstart and scale the app growth journey of our clients.We will focus on the user lifecycle and run campaign optimizations to identify and target high-LTV users.



Our in-house algorithm tech allows us to execute real time media buying faster than anyone else. Optimize your mobile ads and increase your revenues with over 10B end users and 10K campaigns.


Expert Team

Our experienced team committing to performance, precision, and transparency, as key values to direct all actions. With up to 10 years of experience in the digital marketing - we can assure to our clients top performnace.

The Future Of Digital Marketing

We are taking a KPI-driven approach to meet our client's expectations by providing high quality traffic on the global scale

Who We Are

Nexamobile is a global ad tech company composed of a team of experts in digital marketing and mobile advertising.
Our team drives user acquisition and engagement to deliver mobile performance and branding campaigns.
Our company established in 2016 with passion and expertise of the digital marketing world.

"Big Results Require Big Ambitions."
Nexamob believe in results, reaching clients KPI’s and delivering the best possible traffic.

Dor Kakon
Chief executive officer

As a mobile-first company, we are connecting iOS and Android app advertisers with cutting edge acquisition strategies and traffic sources that deliver both scale and high-engagement.

Meir Zvi
Chief technology officer

Our mobile first technology allows us to tap into a global supply of mobile inventory and run ROI positive campaigns. Together with a winning team and unique technology we are above the market.

Elena Kim
Senior Business Development